Request a review


My name is Victoria and if you are an author and want to have a review of your book here on the blog fell free to contact me. I accept requests for a review in the following book genres:

  1. Paranomal Romance
  2. Historical Romance
  3. Contemporary Romance
  4. Young Adult
  5. New Adult
  6. Fantasy
  7. Urban Fantasy
  8. Books based on games
  9. Historical Fiction
  10. Erotica
  11. Mystery
  12. Triller
  13. Chick lit
  14. Contemporary
  15. Graphic Novels
  16. Manga
  17. Science Fiction
  18. Action

*This list includes all the sub-genres of those mentioned above. I can also read Non-Fiction if you want me to but that will require more time.

Everything I require is for you to email me and tell me beforehand what the book is about and in the genre it is in. Then give me a deadline. When do you need the review? When I’m done reading, the review will be posted here on the blog, on Amazon and Goodreads, on Barnes and Noble and Kobo, on Smashwords if the book can be found there and on Book Depository if I can find it there. That list can expand in the future. I am willing to make a video review, too. Of course the review will be shared on the blog’s Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest.

I don’t require payment. I will accept your ‘thank you’ and a mention with the review somewhere, wherever you choose. I will require you to follow the blog, its Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter and Goodreads accounts but that’s all.

I accept paperbacks if you want or e-books. E-books can be for Kindle, .epub or .pdf. If you can’t make it for Kindle I will accept any e-book format compatible with Adobe Digital Editions or Calibre. I accept books only in English.

You can contact me on the following email – or the blog’s Facebook page. Feel free to contact me and remember that if the deadline is shorter than three days I reserve my right to reject the request.

For title of the email please typeRequest for review

In your email include the following:

  • Author’s name
  • Name of the book
  • Genre
  • Estimated page number
  • A deadline (On what day do you need the review) – If you don’t need it posted at a certain time I can have your book read and reviewed in a 5 to 7 days.


Also upon accepting your requset you will have to share your book with me. When I post the review I will mention that the book was given in exchange for an honest review. I gurantee that when you share your books with me it won’t be shared with anyone else or uploaded in the Internet.

If you have further questions you can always reach me on my email ( )


Thank you for your time,




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