Countermeasure – Interview with the authors

After a long time I finally had a chance to get an interview from the authors of Countermeasure series. It was fun while I was taking the interview and now its time for me to share it here with you. So please pull up a chair, take some coffee and biscuits and have fun with me, Chris and Cecilia. 


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Interview with Nicky Charles

1. What inspired your writing?

My initial ‘writing bug’ came from discovering and watching an old TV series called Scarecrow and Mrs. King.  When I ran out of episodes, I started to write my own.  Through a fan group for the show I met my friend and editor, Jan Gordon.  She wrote an original story called Black Silk and an idle comment about it sparked my imagination and it turned into my first story, Forever In Time.

2. Who are your favorite characters?

I love all my characters. They’re like my friends. However, if I had to pick it would Ryne and Reno.  They’re both ‘bad boys’ who are reformed (a bit) by the love of a woman.

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Dannika Dark – Interview

 – Hello, dear Dannika Dark. I am the administrator of the book club Deeper than Blood. It an honor for me to be here and take this interview. I thank you for the bestowed opportunity. I promise that I won’t be tormenting you, much, with a lot of questions. So bellow I will ask you the questions which bugged my and others curiosity.

– Thank you so much for having me, Victoria!

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