GATOR by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

First let me say that I got this book as an advanced reading copy or ARC. Now let me get back to the review at hand.

I love this book from the start. No matter it was short the book was full of surprises and unforeseen turns that I didn’t expect in the slightest.

Gabriel “Gator” Moreno is a man with a past. Knowing the main female character from his early years you can see his hesitation the first time he gets back home after a call from his friend who asked for help. But even that a promise made is a promise kept so he is there to do everything that needs to be done. No matter Alyssa isn’t going to like it he will be there for her.

13265946_958509510913451_5254172256926616792_nWhen I encountered the word ‘slammer’ I couldn’t grasp the meaning. I still don’t, not in fullest at least. But my first though was that this is going to be a mafia story. You know the Godfather style. But I was so totally wrong about it. Have I told you that I love stories about the Navy? I was greatly pleased at the moment where she named him Gabriel 2.O. Like he is some kind of an AI and this is a just new version of him. Geeky yet sexy. I usually try to avoid stories that take too long to get into the actions, take too long to explain things but this is not the case here. I dived right into the actions right from chapter two. The authors did an amazing job. I had the feeling that I was there right in the middle of the gunfire expecting to be rescued by a sexy guy from the Navy. I envy the heroine. I want to go there stick a gun to her face and say. “Your time is over. Pack up and go. Gabriel is mine and it will be so forever” This is how much I loved the book and I hope that you will too.
Now chapter four was a total blast. When someone says kamikaze I imagine a lone person wearing a west with explosives. Totally, not what I expected. And guess what? I’m not
going to tell you. You’ll just have to read it and find out. And all this action and unexpected turns of events, the story keeping you on edge not knowing that around the corner is just the beginning. Wait until the end and you will be amazed. At least I was.
So to sum it up. This book has everything I needed and probably everything you are looking for in a book from this genre. So don’t hesitate. Go, grab it and read it because Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey have done an amazing job yet again. I dare say that they have even outdone themselves and are better than before. I can never get enough of them. Their books are my personal drug and I don’t want to ever stop using it.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.




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