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Alternate Connection by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

The ARC was given to me from the authors in exchange of an honest review.

Before I say anything about the book let me tell you that this is the third book in the series Countermeasure. Alternate Connection is a true masterpiece. The authors have outdone themselves. This is truly remarkable. Though I read the book slowly I still had great time doing it.

The story gripped me from the very beginning and kept me on edge to the very end.

Nathan Nelson a CIA Agent is the one getting his HEA in this book. Though I didn’t like him in the previous two book here I finally understand him. With a hand on my heart I can say that now I’m in love with Nathan and I envy the woman that won his heart. What I love most about the series is that though every book has something new that is happening, the authors don’t stop developing their characters. For example Trevor and Cassandra met in the first book and their relationship continues to develop even now in the third books.

I think that this is one of the main reasons why Countermeasure Series stands out. When Trevor had to make hard decision I was amazing of the strength he has. Because his choice was a difficult one. Rachael Moore a strong woman is missing. She was once married to Nathan’s best friend but now that he is dead she wants to know why he died but ends up kidnaped with her colleagues.

With that said and all the action and mystery the authors managed to keep me on the edge of my bed. There were times I was afraid not to fall off when I jump up from some unexpected twist of the story.

So I know it’s a short review but this is how I feel about the book.

I give it 5 stars.


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