Countermeasure book 1 review

This is a long overdue review.

Countermeasure is the first book in a series with the same name. The authors Chris Almeida, Cecilia Aubrey have done an amazing job with their characters and settings.

In the first book we meet the main characters Cassandra and Trevor. Cassandra is an ex CIA agent and Trevor a NSA geek. What more can you want from such combination? In almost every book I’ve read the female lead is almost always depending on the male lead and he is represented as a hulky, strong man, with desire to protect and fight ’till the end for his female. But here the picture is quite different. Of course our characters learn to care for each other and protect the other, but here the male is not the typical strong over-muscled guy ready to enter the fight even with bare hands if he has too. Here our female is strong and willing to face danger. She is an ex CIA agent now working for her father’s security firm.

After an important data disappears on her watch and she is removed from the project she decides to track down the missing files. You might ask how Trevor fits in the picture. As he works for NSA he searches for clues about his parent’s disappearance.

Fate brings Cassandra and Trevor working together to find the missing files. Both embark on a journey to find the missing file. On this journey they are bound to learn to trust each other, learn more about the other and discover something that might be enough of a reason for them to stay together.

The characters created by the author are so well-formed that while I was reading I had a feeling that they are real. The places they visited were very well described, too. There were many moments when I believed that if i visit all of the places form the book I might just meet Cassandra and Trevor.

This is an amazing book from amazing series. I recommend it to everyone who wants a good read.

 I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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