Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley – Review

Pride Mates


!!! May contain spoilers. Read on your own account !!!

First I will start with saying that I love shifter. I love vampires too, but shifters and werewolves are first in my favorite list.

So when I encountered this book the first thing that caught my eye was the fact that Liam had something Irish in him. I instantly imagined him talking with that sexy Irish accent. But why he wore a silver chain at his throat? Was he really that aggressive? I said to myself: “That looks interesting.” Then there was Kim Fraser – an attorney with the job to protect a shifter. “Human and a shifter. That is my favorite combo.” I thought.

After I read the book I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The shifter society looked so peaceful and in full harmony. When something happened everyone learned about it and would work together to resolve every situation. Humans are no like that. I caught myself imagining today’s world like the shifter society. People carrying for each other. The absence of grudges, hate and etc. Kids playing outside, not staying at home in front of the computer all day. But let me return to the book. Kim instantly became my favorite. She looked so determined. Ready to confront everyone who would stop her from reaching her goal. As a real attorney she was ready to prove the innocence of her client.

“Are you hurting?” Liam sat down next to her–right next to her, inside her personal space. “Let me see your feet.”

Kim blinked. “Sorry?”

“I saw you limping. Get those ridiculous shoes off and swing your feet up here.”

I like the way Liam is acting. All bossy and carrying in the same time. He know little of Kim and yet he wants to sooth her aching feet. That is showing much about Shifters. It shows the reader that no matter that humans don’t like them that doesn’t mean that Shifter should also dislike humans. Its exactly the opposite. Shifter don’t hate humans. They are actually carrying for each other and other if they have to. The quote above shows it better than I can put in words.

“Get your damn shoes off, woman.”

Well this quote shows that Liam can be bossy. I like bossy men and in the same time strong, carrying, lovely. Another thing that impressed me is how males enter before the woman. Forget about “Ladies first.” In this book is “Males first.” and this is not because the women are not important. Its because when entering first men can check out the place for danger and if there is such to remove it before the female enters the premises. I find this very cute. I started loving this book from the very beginning. The whole book is running at fast pace. You won’t notice the end until you reach it and you would be left with the feeling of wanting more. At least I was when I finished reading it.

I give this book 5/5 stars.

I recommend it to all shifter lovers out there. And guess what… this only the first book in the series called Shifters Unbound.

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