Countermeasure – Interview with the authors

After a long time I finally had a chance to get an interview from the authors of Countermeasure series. It was fun while I was taking the interview and now its time for me to share it here with you. So please pull up a chair, take some coffee and biscuits and have fun with me, Chris and Cecilia. 


Q: Describe yourself in three words.

Cecilia: Believes in fate

Chris: Determined, creative, geek.

Q: Did you plan to become an author or it just happened?

Chris: I attended two years of Literature with the dream of becoming a writer. That was a long time ago, another life. As the world turned and life changed, I moved onto technology and ended up as a web developer/designer but the pull to write was always in the back of my mind.

Cecilia: It was something that has always hovered on the edge of my mind and when I met Chris, it completely took over becoming a reality.

Q: What inspired you to start writing?

Cecilia: I had always written for my pleasure, little stories jotted on a piece of paper here and there. It wasn’t until an opportunity was presented to me by the creator of a role-playing group that everything changed.  After months of reading RP Group story lines and interacting with the other characters, I was offered a character in a new group and decided to give it a try. I figured I would know for once and for all whether the desire I had to write for others was only a pipedream. When Chris joined the group and we started writing together, I knew I was in it for the long haul.

Chris: Chance and fate. I joined a Role Playing group out of boredom and curiosity. It turned into the most exhilarating experiences I could have ever had. It was also where I met Cecilia. We clicked immediately and have written several stories ever since.

Q: In the idea stage of a novel, which comes first, the characters or the plot?

Chris: To us, they develop side by side, hand in hand. The character guides the story and the story takes the character where it needs to go.

Cecilia: Interesting enough for the Countermeasure Series it started with the plot but the characters were not far behind. It was almost as if they came as a packaged deal. The original story grew from a dream Chris had but, in the recounting of it, Trevor and Cassandra were not far behind. Once we had the idea, we spent months on character development before writing our first line.

Q: Do you have a particular writing place? A coffee shop, maybe…laptop, favorite couch, etc.

Cecilia: I work from a corner of my couch on my laptop, Jill.  However, my favorite place though is across the dining room table from Chris.

Chris: It depends what time of the day I’m writing. If it’s early morning, I can be found sitting on a chair in my living room with my laptop (Jack). If at night, in my bedroom at my desk working from my desktop (George)..

Q: Would you like to be part of your characters life?

Chris: We live our characters daily. They are part of our lives as much as we are a part of theirs. RP allows us to be them, talk through them.

Cecilia: I would love to visit and work with them. I think Cassandra and I would have a blast and Trevor, well, Trevor is a secret crush.

Q: Do you make them yourself? If yes, was it hard to learn how to create them?

Cecilia: Yes. Our characters were and are created by us. We complete a full character sheet on them—-what they like, who they are, school, work, pet peeves, habits, features, deepest desires. Once completed we look for a picture to match them for inspiration and help give life to them in our minds.

Chris: Our characters are original and unique to us. They were not based on any other character from any other book. They evolved with time and with our role playing them. The humor, the personalities, the drives, all of it developed as we played them.

Q: Are you familiar with the term “fan fiction”? Do you read fan fiction?

Chris: I am familiar with the term but have not read a lot of FF. I did read a couple of pieces by friends of ours and they were really good stories loosely based on another author’s series. I do not read it regularly.

Cecilia: Yes. I have read several stories from that world—BDB, Anime, Steampunk, among a few.

Q: What advice you can give to those who want to be writers in the future?

Cecilia: Understand what genre you love to write in so that you can give it your undivided attention. Seek out information on craft through networking with others on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. Read author blogs, join writing groups like Passionate Ink, Romance Writers of America and take advantage of the learning libraries and workshops they offer. The publishing world is crazy and there are hard decisions to make, all in the name of establishing your brand and earning a readership.

Chris: Follow your gut, harness your story and make it your own. The story you create is yours to tell. Do it so that others can see the images you imagined in their minds.


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