Dannika Dark – Interview

 – Hello, dear Dannika Dark. I am the administrator of the book club Deeper than Blood. It an honor for me to be here and take this interview. I thank you for the bestowed opportunity. I promise that I won’t be tormenting you, much, with a lot of questions. So bellow I will ask you the questions which bugged my and others curiosity.

– Thank you so much for having me, Victoria!

* Tell us five things about yourself?

1.) In addition to reading, I’m a huge fan of movies that are sci-fi and fantasy. My DVD collection is extensive, and I’ll watch anything from foreign films to movies from the 1930’s.

2.) While I have lived in Texas longer than any other place, I have no distinguishable accent.

3.) I work a regular 9-5 job, so carving out time to focus on writing has become imperative to my sanity! When I am in the middle of drafting out a book, I will often work 16 hours a day.

4.) When I go to the bookstore, I will turn all my favorite books face-out. It’s my little way of promoting my favorite authors, much to the dismay of the workers at the bookstore.

5.) I’m a tiny bit obsessed with lamps.

* Describe yourself in three words?

Introspective. Nutty. Appreciative.

* How did you decide to become an author? Was it planned or just happened?

Like any kid, I wrote short stories and poems in school. I think back then, we all wanted to be writers, poets, artists, and astronauts. But it was somewhere around 16 that I knew I wanted to write. At the time, I aspired to become a poet, or write song lyrics, as that was what I primarily wrote in addition to short stories. Life put such dreams on the side, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I took up writing again. After writing a number of novels, I decided to pursue the dream of publishing once more.

* Where do you tend to get your ideas?

That’s a great question! I don’t know if I have an answer for that, as I’ve had an overactive imagination since I was a child. Books inspire me, but when I write, I let the story flow and take me where it wants to go. I’ve never been fond of writing out an outline for characters and plot. I typically have a protagonist developed enough that I begin the first draft, developing the story as I write.

* How did you manage to get published? Was it hard?

I am self-published, and yes, it is a challenge. Unlike traditional publishing where you write query letters to obtain an agent or attract a publisher, the indie can bypass that and publish their own work directly to Kindle (or another E-reader application). I never imagined how difficult the process would be, because I have essentially taken over every role that would normally be distributed to a team. The document also requires special formatting for upload, which requires also going line by line. You are in charge of handling your own marketing, and without the visibility that a traditional author receives, you are swimming in a sea of a million books, trying to get noticed. It is a constant learning experience, and requires a lot of hard work and hours.

* Do you self-publish or you are working with a Publishing house?


* What kind of prewriting do you find helpful? I mean do you outline, list, make a web and etc.

I don’t do this, but I have created documents that have character names or Breed names. I’m particular about such things and will often write the entire book before I’ve settled on one. But I enjoy writing the story fresh from the first word, and letting it lead me. Often in the middle of a book, I get ideas for a new character or plot, so when I have those flashes of inspiration, I jot them down so I don’t forget.

* Do you ever get a writer’s block?

No. It sounds strange, but I often have too many ideas that I often find myself wanting to jump from one series to the next to write about a new idea.

* Do you have a particular writing place? A coffee shop, maybe…laptop, favorite couch, etc.

As much as I’d love to say I’m one of those trendy coffee shop writers, I cannot write around noise. I’ve read that Stephen King pounds away at the keyboard with heavy rock music playing, but I have to mute everything and shut the world away. When I’m writing a fresh story, I’m usually on the sofa. But during drafting, I migrate over to my bar. All my work is done on my Toshiba laptop, as I like the mobility of it, versus being chained to my desktop.

* How the idea about “The Mageri Series” was born?

Through a complete and total failure. I suddenly got a brilliant idea I wanted to write a vampire novel, and everything about it felt so cliche that I scrapped it. One character stood out – Justus. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. By that point, I already had another leading lady in my head, and decided to introduce them.

* How did you come up with the idea about the title of the series?

The title of the Mageri series came from a number of title ideas for book one. I was indecisive until the end about the name „Sterling“, but somewhere halfway through the book, the word ‘Mageri’ was jotted down. I don’t think it’s an actual word you’ll find in a dictionary, but I was playing off the word Mage. I liked it right away, and used it to describe the higher form of government for all Mage. I knew right away that’s what I wanted to name the series.

* Which is your favorite character from “Sterling”?

That’s a hard one! I’ve grown very attached to all my characters for different reasons. I think Zoe is a tough girl to understand, and part of that has a lot to do with her past. I empathize with her struggle, and desire to live up to the expectations put upon her. But I think Justus will always be a favorite. He’s an honorable man, despite his somewhat abrasive personality. We get these glimpses into the man, and know that below the surface, there is so much more to him. His character inspired the series, and was the springboard into creating this new world. I don’t think I love any character less than another; I just love them in different ways.

* If you had a chance to be one of your character who would be that and why?

Well, if I could adopt anyone’s character traits, it would have to be Simon. I love his spirited personality, and the fact he’ll say whatever is on his mind. There are moments I can hear that man talking as clear as a bell when I’m writing his scenes, and I just want to tell him to „shut up, and just let me write it!“.

* The covers are amazing. Do you make them yourself or someone else is making them?

Thank you! I design all my own covers. I’ve been passionate about creating digital art for some time, and while I could locate a cover artist on the internet and pay them to design a cover, I feel there’s an advantage in designing my own. For me, covers are something I enjoy almost as much as reading a book. I love holding a book in my hand, admiring the colors and imagery, and wondering if there is any hidden meaning. Most traditionally published books have no input from the author, and it’s doubtful the cover artists even read the book. So for me, being able to personalize my covers has been exciting, and something I plan to do with each book release.

* What can you say to people who want to become authors? What tips can you give them?

Write a story that you would want to read. Each reader will take away something different from your book, and they will all want different directions for it to go. You will never please every reader, so you have to be true to your characters, and write something that you love. Decide if you want to self-publish or be traditionally published, and do all the necessary research on how to pursue each. Draft your book several times, because the first draft is not the best it can be. Find beta readers who can give you their perspective on your writing and characters. Back up your work each and every time that you edit your work. Computers crash. Most of all, if you love to write, never stop doing it. You never know when in life your inspiration will come, but it’s something you need to stay practiced at doing.

– Thank you so much for allowing me to stop in and have a chat with you, it was a lot of fun!


– Thank you very much for this interview. For me was an honor to be here and have this amazing conversation with you.

Best wishes,


For more information about Dannika Dark and her series click on the image bellow. 



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